At least four grape varieties (Sangiovese, Trebbiano toscano, Canaiolo nero e Malvasia del Chianti) contribute to the production of our ruby red wine called Crovello with no added chemical preservatives. After bunches have slowly ripened in vineyards exposed to the south in the hills of Trasimeno, all the grapes are harvested, pressed and the resulting liquid stored in oak casks to become wine.

 The final result is a full bodied wine to be served at 18o– 20o C  whose mellow flavour match perfectly first courses, spicy soups, beef, mature cheeses, cold cuts and wild savoury meats.


 1x bottle of Crovello wine (0,75 L) = € 8

Barrel pack of 3x bottle of Crovello wine = € 21

Special pack 1x bottle of Crovello wine + 1x bottle of Perticaia extra virgin olive oil = € 15


Shipping costs are not included.


To order our Crovello wine, please kindly send an e-mail to , we will answer you as soon as possible, thank you.

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