It is since 2006 that “La Giuiaia” has been caring for three snow white male donkeys in its stables. Coming from Asinara Island and as an endemic species threatened by extinction we are proud to contribute to its well-being and increase their possibility for survival.

Our donkeys are not forced to do any kind of hard work but provide donkey-rides for small children and enjoyment for the parents during quiet hikes through woods and along country paths.

For the city dwellers, the size and quiet nature of these animals guarantees a favoured contact with the environment.


For information and reservations about donkey-rides for children, please kindly send an e-mail to , we will answer you as soon as possible, thank you.

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– More about white donkeys –

Asinara white donkeys (Equus asinus var. albina) are represented by a small population of specimens distributed in the wild on Asinara Island to the north of Sardinia’s coastline. Extremely sensitive  to community diseases as a result of high inbreeding, these small  animals, bright blue eyed and characterized by a candid short fur over a tender pink skin, are also extremely shy. Although these animals are spontaneously present only on Asinara Island  their real geographical origins are actually uncertain. But  legends also tell of an ancient sailing vessel, laden with donkeys, en route to France, being ship-wrecked on the island. In any case, since this species counts up to only 120 specimens it is under constant supervision and protection.